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The practice of professional forestry is regulated across Canada. If you wish to practice professional forestry, you must be registered with the provincial forestry regulatory body where you plan to practice. You must satisfy the Forest Professional Regulators of Canada’s (FPRC’s) national certification standards for professional forestry practice to be eligible to apply for registration with any Canadian forestry regulatory body.

The FPRC’s free Pre-screening tool gives you an easy way to compare your qualifications to the standards. Results are only an approximate evaluation of your academic training and relevant forestry work experience. Pre-screening is designed to help you decide whether or not pursue the Credential Assessment Process to become certified as a professional forester or forest technologist.

This prescreening portal allows you to create a secure personal account where you can update and save your information before submitting it to a provincial regulator for review.

IMPORTANT: Your pre-screening results are not the official evaluation of your credentials for Canadian professional forestry certification. Pre-screening results are not binding to the FPRC or its members in any way.

Complete the Pre-screening tool to see if you are a suitable candidate for the Credential Assessment Process within the forestry profession in Canada.

Overview of the Pre-screening Process

IMPORTANT: Keep a copy of your final pre-screening report.

The FPRC and its provincial regulator members do not keep records of Pre-screening tool reports. If you plan to apply to a provincial regulatory body you need to keep a copy of your pre-screening report and present it to your desired provincial regulatory body.

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For questions or more information, please contact preferred provincial regulatory body through this link https://www.fprc-orfpc.ca/contact

In your request, please include the following:

  • Your name
  • Your e-mail address
  • Type of Request (i.e. problem with site’s function, need more information before deciding which province I will apply, application requirements, etc.)
  • Specific details of your request

Terms and Conditions

Personal use of the Forest Professional Regulators of Canada (FPRC) web-based software program is available globally to any person considering application for membership to any provincial regulator-member of the FPRC.

Use of the FPRC software for commercial or profit purposes is not permitted.

The software, developed with funding assistance provided by the Ministry of Jobs, Economic Development and Competitiveness, Government of British Columbia, is now the property of FPRC.

The Pre-screening tool features of the software may be used free of charge.

Any person submitting an application for certification and/or membership to one of the FPRC provincial-regulator members is required to pay an application fee and related costs as specified by the respective regulator.